website and branding for Marlands, Artists residency project
AUG. 2022

Geste Simple, Thomas Schmahl
catalogue, 48 pages, 22x30 cm, edited by Firstlaid
June 2022

website and brand identity for curseur
FEB. 2022

les disques de la sainte-victoire
flyer A5, 4 pages
JAN. 2022

astrae productions
logo and brand identity for astrae productions
OCT. 2021

website and brand identity for maison louis jardin
JUL. 2021

online portfolio for carla adra
oct. 2021

theodoro's chewing
certificate of authenticity for Théodore Melchior, 13x10 cm
JULY 2021

ce qui ne tourne pas, tombe
catalogue of the exhibition "ce qui ne tourne pas,tombe" 20 pages, 34,5x49 cm,edited by firstlaid, SEPT. 2020

Levée de drapeaux #2, Caroline Chauvelot
23 detachable cards, edited by FIRSTLAID
JUNE 2020

Archiving Firstlaid
catalogue, 60 pages, 29,7 x 37,7cm, edited by FIRSTLAID
MAR. 2020

CATALOGUE and poster FOR THE BIENNAL "FRICHORAMA 2019", 42 pages, B5, edited by La Fileuse, OCT. 2019

Cortège / Colloque d'ombres
Jose Triana, bilingual edition, 2x24 pages, 22,5 x 32cm, APR.2019

Catalogue for the exhibition "Reception", Brieuc Remy, 60 pages, A4, edited by firstlaid, MAR. 2019

Jardin exotique de monaco
Juan Ignacio Lopez and Fauve Tintigner, Artist book, edited by firstlaid, NOV. 2018

Mayanna von Ledebur, work presentation file, 60 pages, A4. JUNE 2018

No dents, dings or scratches
Jesse Wallace, 60 pages, A4, edited by Firstlaid
JUNE 2018

Website and brand identity for Firstlaid editions
JUNE 2018

Website and brand identity for ATV Atelier vertical
MARCH 2018

Une exposition
Catalogue for a virtual exhibition,120 pages, 13x25 cm
JUNE 2017

Lawler 3.0
Artist book, Zoe Sylvestre, 4x130 pages A4
MARCH 2017